Monday, September 17, 2007


this is week 6.
mid sem break in lik 4 days! i cant believ it....
how the hell did all these days run away??
im lik drowing in work now... sooo much!!!!

well inbetween all that - manged to catch up on a movie last night - called premonition. v interesting movie. sandra bullock has amazin eyes! :)

so.. well.. yeah this eve... i was thinking abt friends...
it sooo interesting.. really!
unfortunately since this is a public blog.. i cant write everythin i want to... but well.. a filtered version is good as well...

so yeah.. i was thinking of all my friends frm i can remb... tht is my 3rd std... since when i joined DAV... n i was thinkin how unadultrtaed n simple friendship was then... i believ it just gets more complicated as u grow older.
u dont need reasons to be friends.. unlike now... u r not judged for wat ur worth then.. unlike now... u r not seen as an investment of opportunities/not... unlike now....
there is so much tht a person evolves thro in life... in terms of friendship... in terms of understandin different kinds of ppl... its really quite easy to classify ppl i beleieve. n i have sooo many classifications of them!
there r ppl - with whom u r worried u may lose contact... n u try really hard to stay in touch.. though u get only luke-warm response frm them... but well.. u stop after a while n consider if its worth it... n then u realise.. this is wat u r made of... of the choices one makes!

oh well.. i cud go on abt this... but ill stop for now!!
so long... till next time!!!

Monday, August 20, 2007

toodle doodle~

hehaha.. i dunno y i titled this blog tht way!
just the first random thing tht came to my head.

this blog... is for no specific reason! i just happened to peep into my bog n i realised tht it has only 2 posts!!! so i thought ill make it a lil more fuller!

1st week of classes just got over!! my modules r pretty tough. but finally lik FINALLY im getting to do the things i lik! the subjects i lik i mean!

loadsa stuff happening here... v guys went out for dinner last night - this place called ivory - briillliant place. aesthetically appealing decor, n tasty food!
after tht v went for rush hour 3. gosh! chris tucker is funny! n he can bloddy talk so fast! anyway... so tht was a nice eve.
ohh on sat night.. v ppl went to this place on sentosa - called cafe del mar or somethin not sure of name. but yeah... just a chill out place. they have cots n comfortable cusions n a pool n stuff... n its all free! beat tht! :P
saturday was freshies night as well... they put up a pretty good show i must say!
the first half was really good! second half was damn borin! end of it... awesum food though! panner, naan, pulav n all... oh good food!

well weekend over - n still im not out of the mood! :)
soon it ll b friday n another weekend... ha ha!

ok.. so long then!
i gtg n catch up on some movie!

Thursday, August 9, 2007

9th august 2007

this day has spl significance...
its singapore s national day!!!
ok.. lemme tell u y this is imp...

for one thing, singapore goes thro a radical change on this day -
~there r mobs of ppl everywhere, u know actual grp.. things tht u never see in spore.. where they call more than 5 a huge grp!!
~ppl can roam the roads as they wish!!! cut across as n when they want..
~they actually litter the place on this day... i mean... can u believe it... dirty singapore??? i mean.. thts lik as rare as a blue moon!! :D

so basically i got to c all this today..
n ofcourse there is the good part...
seeing the patriotism of ppl all clad in red n white clothes (their flag colours); holding i love singapore goodies...
there were fireworks tht were going on.. n it was breath-taking!!
the national day tradionally includes a national day parade n then the fireworks. now since the tickets in the stadium r too freakin costly.. ppl lik me.. try n catch the glimpse of it frm a nearby bridge or frm top of a building...[superman style! ;) ]

it was good fun!!! i went with a bunch of ppl whom ive never gone on an outing with.. n v laughed till our sides split !!! v had a gr8 time..

Tuesday, August 7, 2007

uhhmm uhmm knock knock!

over the yrs i have come to love this line..
lol.. i start my first blog with this as the title.

im not saying anythin much here.. coz i have a movie (cinderella man) waiting to be watched... but i am writin up this so tht i dont keep postponing!!!
ill b bak ...
till then..