Tuesday, April 1, 2008

1st of april

its a quite evening... im listening to some soul stirring music.

at 7.51 PM - there is a buzz on gtalk..
sriram R: there is somethin imp i need to talk to u abt .. IIE stuff.
niru: ahhn.. wassup?
s : Raj Sir called... n he was lik basically pissed.
n: huh? y now?
s: itseems some seniors called him n said - the election for the top 3 was not fair.. they said quorum of more than 60% of iie members werent present to hold elections - so apparently - they r calling for re- elections.
n: wth! if they were so interested, y dint they turn up for the elections in the first place?
s: tht n all i dunno ... one more thing... raj was also specifically mad at u...
n: me? for wat joy?
s: somethin abt u telling bhanu maam abt esplande performance ... he was angry n said he is going to get the show cancelled...

niru's thought bubble: huh.. wat is this guy talkin abt... enlightenment dawns... ah april 1st!

trring trrinng... aparna calls:

a: oi - is sriram bugging u abt some elections n esplanade thingie?
n: yes yes

a: he asked me to call u n tell that raj sir just called in the afternoon n was mad... u know wat ... v ll play a return prank on sriram!! do this... psst..psstt....

so i get bak to the conv with sriram:
n: this is not done! i dint expect this from raj sir... i mean how can he just cancell the show for tht??!

s: i dunno man... but u shudn have told bhanu abt it...

n: hey.. i was telling her abt tht - in a conversation kinda way... how was i to know i wasnt allowed to say it!

s: i dunno how u r going to handle this.. u just became president ...n this... quite a popper i must say....

n: oh i know.. i am going to call raj sir right now n find out wat he was talking abt...

s: oh! DONT do tht! dont flare up... listen to me..

n: oh no.. i have to call now - n clear up things...

s: plz dont... i just got raped by him.. he will trash u royally as well... so i am warning u..

n: oh but i cant sleep tonight without clearing this up... brb..

s: wait wait.. i just called him.. he said he is in concert.. asked u to talk to him tomm... so dont call him n piss him off further...

n: he attended ur call... i can call him as well...

s: no... im telling u... dont...

n: just gimme a minute... ill talk n get bak to u...

niru n aparan side conv:

n: muhahaha... he so fell for it... he is pleading me not to call! :D

a: its one thing to fool someone from scratch, but quite an art to fool someone who is trying to fool u :P

n: ha ha...

a: im instigating him here as well.. telling him to stop u b4 u actually call raj sir!! ha ha...

i guess ill tell him to call of the prank now.. so v can show who is playin the prank!!

bak to conv with sriram:

s: ok niru... u r innocent... u just got fooled!

n: ok sriram... u r even more innocent... u got fooled in the process of fooling! :D

happy fools day!!!!

s: huh? huh?

sriram consults with aparna.. n realises he was backstabbed... n goes ... bitches.. both of u!!

ha ha!! :D