Tuesday, November 17, 2009


Trap of mediocracy: Justifying the reason for not doing well in a particular field by claiming interest in several fields simultaneously and conveniently overlooking the existence of experts in all those fields. Hiding behind a curtain of jack-of-all-trades. Someone once said - "Dabblers are only good for cocktail parties". Or is it the fear of being classified and categorized into one field? The fear of the requirement - to be contained within a defined role. People inherently do have layers. Layers of self which take prominence at different times. What if someone wished to display those layers simutaneously? Side-by-side, horizontally? At the root of it, its the trap of mediocracry because mediocracy in the current choosen field presupposes mediocracy in others.

Monday, November 9, 2009


Its always music that inspires the teeny weeny writer in me. This time its 'Latika's Theme' that is running on a loop.

Soaring hearts, peaceful minds, clapping hands, silence of satisfaction

Softly flowing stream, cascading through fields of lush green crops, doubts ebbing away, sowing seeds of joy, bubbling with spirit and enthusiasm, without an end at sight

Love and tranquility, arms wrapped around in a warm hug, cradling but not questioning, giving but not asking, interspersed with soft kisses

baby's laughter, crackling with innocence, blissfully ignorant, large eyes with crystal sheen, pure

dreams, vast infinite sand dunes, wings gliding through hope-filled air, higher and higher, burning passions

music, contentment

Friday, August 1, 2008

* feel good state *

my new room has a fantastic view, overlooking the harbor and is an amazing sight with all the lights on in the night. during the day, the soft sunlight that streams through curtains makes me fall in love with it all over again! :D
with good music playing in the background (jashn-e-bahara from jodha akbar) i sat down deciding to sort out my luggage which i collected from storage room just yest.
So as i was rummaging through one of the cartons, i stumbled upon my slam book - my 10th and 12th ones. I settled down to re-discover wat people thought of me a few years ago...
The innocence, the happiness, the cheekiness, the attempted maturity, the veracity all bundled up in a few pages penned down with surety. wat is amazing is the effect it has had on me. i seem to be suddenly floating among a few clouds. being aware that it is meant to be a collection of say-nice-things-coz-u-have-to obligation, wat makes it speacial is which face of me each one has encountered, that they recall when they have to be nice.
a few laughs, a few awwww s, a few oh my god! s punctuated this brief interlude that even motivated me to blog about! :)
cheers to slam books! :D

Tuesday, April 1, 2008

1st of april

its a quite evening... im listening to some soul stirring music.

at 7.51 PM - there is a buzz on gtalk..
sriram R: there is somethin imp i need to talk to u abt .. IIE stuff.
niru: ahhn.. wassup?
s : Raj Sir called... n he was lik basically pissed.
n: huh? y now?
s: itseems some seniors called him n said - the election for the top 3 was not fair.. they said quorum of more than 60% of iie members werent present to hold elections - so apparently - they r calling for re- elections.
n: wth! if they were so interested, y dint they turn up for the elections in the first place?
s: tht n all i dunno ... one more thing... raj was also specifically mad at u...
n: me? for wat joy?
s: somethin abt u telling bhanu maam abt esplande performance ... he was angry n said he is going to get the show cancelled...

niru's thought bubble: huh.. wat is this guy talkin abt... enlightenment dawns... ah april 1st!

trring trrinng... aparna calls:

a: oi - is sriram bugging u abt some elections n esplanade thingie?
n: yes yes

a: he asked me to call u n tell that raj sir just called in the afternoon n was mad... u know wat ... v ll play a return prank on sriram!! do this... psst..psstt....

so i get bak to the conv with sriram:
n: this is not done! i dint expect this from raj sir... i mean how can he just cancell the show for tht??!

s: i dunno man... but u shudn have told bhanu abt it...

n: hey.. i was telling her abt tht - in a conversation kinda way... how was i to know i wasnt allowed to say it!

s: i dunno how u r going to handle this.. u just became president ...n this... quite a popper i must say....

n: oh i know.. i am going to call raj sir right now n find out wat he was talking abt...

s: oh! DONT do tht! dont flare up... listen to me..

n: oh no.. i have to call now - n clear up things...

s: plz dont... i just got raped by him.. he will trash u royally as well... so i am warning u..

n: oh but i cant sleep tonight without clearing this up... brb..

s: wait wait.. i just called him.. he said he is in concert.. asked u to talk to him tomm... so dont call him n piss him off further...

n: he attended ur call... i can call him as well...

s: no... im telling u... dont...

n: just gimme a minute... ill talk n get bak to u...

niru n aparan side conv:

n: muhahaha... he so fell for it... he is pleading me not to call! :D

a: its one thing to fool someone from scratch, but quite an art to fool someone who is trying to fool u :P

n: ha ha...

a: im instigating him here as well.. telling him to stop u b4 u actually call raj sir!! ha ha...

i guess ill tell him to call of the prank now.. so v can show who is playin the prank!!

bak to conv with sriram:

s: ok niru... u r innocent... u just got fooled!

n: ok sriram... u r even more innocent... u got fooled in the process of fooling! :D

happy fools day!!!!

s: huh? huh?

sriram consults with aparna.. n realises he was backstabbed... n goes ... bitches.. both of u!!

ha ha!! :D

Wednesday, March 5, 2008


yoon toh main batla nahin,
par andhere se darta hoon mein ma.
yoon toh main dikhlata nahin,
tere parva karta hoon main ma.

tujhe sab hain pata hain na ma....
tujhe sab hain pata.... meri ma!!

the lyrics of this song from taare zameen par is so touching, i crumble into tears when i hear the song. the words are simple and the potrayal is sincere and together they make an amazing combo.
this is to prasoon joshi for splendour he brought out of simplicity and to shankar ehsan loy for yet another fantastic composition!

Monday, February 25, 2008


its mid sem break again.
i think the most interesting thing in the world is the human pyschology. how differently each person thinks.... the days pass by and each incident shakes u up n throws u into an abyss, an immeasurably deep chasm of thoughts. periodic plunges into such depths can awaken your mind and give fresh perspective on life and its value. i look back and think of the many tiny incidents that make me smile :

when waves come crashing onto the shore,
when a leaf twirls in the early morning breeze,
when a kid smiles from behind her mothers knees,
when your favourite song is running on the radio station you accidentally tuned into,
when you smell the rain on sand,
when you watch a singer lost in the music of her voice,
when you swing so high that it seems like you will never come back to the ground,
when you touch your mothers hands after a gap of 4 months,
when you wake up with a smile on your face,
when you feel you are blessed with the best of friends,
when you feel the excitement of surprising someone,
when you sit back and enjoy an evening with a movie and soft lights,
when you walk out of an exam sure of 97% of your answers,
when the person you have a secret crush on compliments you,
when the sweet bliss of calmness washes over you.

Sunday, February 10, 2008

disaster band! :D

well this is the band we formed in my 9th. members: sitara, ashwini, shwetha, shruthi, n myself.
the song that we wrote and composed music for:

I woke up this mornin,
thinking of something i had to do.
I dunno why but i always try,
to satisfy ppl everytime.

oo oo girl that is life!

the sun rises rises in the mornin,
sets in the evening,
reminds me of everything i do.
i gotta go to school, its so cool,
but i have to study,
well its my duty!

oo oo girl that is life!

our parents, our teachers,
they love us, they teach us,
but they dont like us screaming
while they are preaching,
but just listen to us -

oo oo adults that is life!

oo oo girl that is life!