Friday, August 1, 2008

* feel good state *

my new room has a fantastic view, overlooking the harbor and is an amazing sight with all the lights on in the night. during the day, the soft sunlight that streams through curtains makes me fall in love with it all over again! :D
with good music playing in the background (jashn-e-bahara from jodha akbar) i sat down deciding to sort out my luggage which i collected from storage room just yest.
So as i was rummaging through one of the cartons, i stumbled upon my slam book - my 10th and 12th ones. I settled down to re-discover wat people thought of me a few years ago...
The innocence, the happiness, the cheekiness, the attempted maturity, the veracity all bundled up in a few pages penned down with surety. wat is amazing is the effect it has had on me. i seem to be suddenly floating among a few clouds. being aware that it is meant to be a collection of say-nice-things-coz-u-have-to obligation, wat makes it speacial is which face of me each one has encountered, that they recall when they have to be nice.
a few laughs, a few awwww s, a few oh my god! s punctuated this brief interlude that even motivated me to blog about! :)
cheers to slam books! :D