Tuesday, November 17, 2009


Trap of mediocracy: Justifying the reason for not doing well in a particular field by claiming interest in several fields simultaneously and conveniently overlooking the existence of experts in all those fields. Hiding behind a curtain of jack-of-all-trades. Someone once said - "Dabblers are only good for cocktail parties". Or is it the fear of being classified and categorized into one field? The fear of the requirement - to be contained within a defined role. People inherently do have layers. Layers of self which take prominence at different times. What if someone wished to display those layers simutaneously? Side-by-side, horizontally? At the root of it, its the trap of mediocracry because mediocracy in the current choosen field presupposes mediocracy in others.

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Macho Girl said...

At this point in my life, is definitely is a scary thought to think of being trapped in just one field. Which is probably why i was hesitant initially about going ahead with Ph.D. But if you decide to focus on just one field and if that's the field you are passionate about, then every interest of yours will co-express in your life :)