Sunday, February 10, 2008

disaster band! :D

well this is the band we formed in my 9th. members: sitara, ashwini, shwetha, shruthi, n myself.
the song that we wrote and composed music for:

I woke up this mornin,
thinking of something i had to do.
I dunno why but i always try,
to satisfy ppl everytime.

oo oo girl that is life!

the sun rises rises in the mornin,
sets in the evening,
reminds me of everything i do.
i gotta go to school, its so cool,
but i have to study,
well its my duty!

oo oo girl that is life!

our parents, our teachers,
they love us, they teach us,
but they dont like us screaming
while they are preaching,
but just listen to us -

oo oo adults that is life!

oo oo girl that is life!


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