Monday, February 25, 2008


its mid sem break again.
i think the most interesting thing in the world is the human pyschology. how differently each person thinks.... the days pass by and each incident shakes u up n throws u into an abyss, an immeasurably deep chasm of thoughts. periodic plunges into such depths can awaken your mind and give fresh perspective on life and its value. i look back and think of the many tiny incidents that make me smile :

when waves come crashing onto the shore,
when a leaf twirls in the early morning breeze,
when a kid smiles from behind her mothers knees,
when your favourite song is running on the radio station you accidentally tuned into,
when you smell the rain on sand,
when you watch a singer lost in the music of her voice,
when you swing so high that it seems like you will never come back to the ground,
when you touch your mothers hands after a gap of 4 months,
when you wake up with a smile on your face,
when you feel you are blessed with the best of friends,
when you feel the excitement of surprising someone,
when you sit back and enjoy an evening with a movie and soft lights,
when you walk out of an exam sure of 97% of your answers,
when the person you have a secret crush on compliments you,
when the sweet bliss of calmness washes over you.


archana reddy said...

nice :)

Macho Girl said...

It is pretty awesome how good it feels when these "tiny" incidents take place in our lives. Reading this post made me smile :) Thanks for getting me back in touch with the stuff that means something to me. I had almost forgotten in the crazy pace of life

p.s. "when you walk out of an exam sure of 97% of your answers", I don't think that has happened since i left school :P

niru said...

macho girl - thanks for the comment! :) do i know u? wats ur real name?
thanks archana!