Wednesday, March 5, 2008


yoon toh main batla nahin,
par andhere se darta hoon mein ma.
yoon toh main dikhlata nahin,
tere parva karta hoon main ma.

tujhe sab hain pata hain na ma....
tujhe sab hain pata.... meri ma!!

the lyrics of this song from taare zameen par is so touching, i crumble into tears when i hear the song. the words are simple and the potrayal is sincere and together they make an amazing combo.
this is to prasoon joshi for splendour he brought out of simplicity and to shankar ehsan loy for yet another fantastic composition!


Macho Girl said...

I cried like a baby for the scene where they leave the boy behind all alone in the boarding school and drive off and he stands there watching with this song going on in the background. Really really touching scene

Macho Girl said...

I just saw ur reply to my comment on ur previous post... u might know me... ;) i ain't tellin ya my real name tho! Figure it out! :P

Shweta said...

ooh i know i know :P